Our Story

 Spiritually Bold's Mission   

To empower people to connect with their spirituality. 

       We tie energy, vibrations and consciousness

                   together in all of our products.

This company started as a small retail store in Old Town Scottsdale Arizona, and has now expanded to

The Scottsdale Airpark in a larger space. We took our dream of having our own products and designed something unique that help's people connect to their spiritually, energy and vibrations through crystals.

Our crystals have all been Energetically Blessed by the designer of the products to ensure the clear intentions of every product.

     Did You Know?
Water is not just an assembly of oxygen and hydrogen molecules. It‘s not just H2O. Scientists discovered that water has a memory, and that it can be positively stimulated by sources of vibration and energy. Spiritually Bold energetically blesses all of their products to assist the crystals in creating the best possible crystalline structure of the water.
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