Receive the love you deserve by gifting or keeping these 11 assorted crystals. 

Listed below:

1. Citrine: Wealth, Prosperity, Success

2. Howlite: Communication, Awareness, Expression

3. Sodalite: Objectivity, Truth, Intuition,

4. Purple Fluorite: Protection, Stability, Grounding

5. Rose Quartz: Universal Love,  Harmony, Unconditional Love

6. Strawberry Quartz: Happiness, Prosperity, Universal Love

7. Cherry Quartz: “Master Healer.”(Form of clear quartz)

8. Amazonite: Releases Trauma, Worry and Fear

9. Kunzite: Releases Anxiety and Depression

10. Blue Apatite: Manifestation, Psychic abilities and knowledge

11. Green Hair: Protects you from evil and negative energies


All crystals are presented in a beautiful Spiritually Bold heart shaped box that has been cleared of all negative engeries. Add a special note for free with one of our heart shaped tags!

Crystal Valentine's Day Box - Small



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