This bundle helps with separation, after a break up or divorce.

Heals regrets, verbal and physical abuse, worries, enhances wisdom. 



Faith, release and forgiveness


Green Aventurine

Balance, Independence and heart Chakra 



Aids in healing colds and respiratory problems, relieves stress, and is anti inflammatory. Energetically, this plant purifies a room or house of negative energy, especially when people have been engaged in verbal, emotional or physical battles. Eucalyptus represents a great agent for cleanings residual energy.


An anti rheumatic, antiseptic, a digestive, a disinfectant, and has sedative properties.

Burn this plant in the house in order to disinfectant. It drives out bad energies, negatives emotions  and influences, and keeps the same bad energies from  ever reentering the space. 

Heal The Heart