This bundle helps when you are starting life over or looking for a new love. 


Guides you down unknown paths in your life 

Spiritual Insight

Safe Travels, Balance, and Harmony


Strength, Release, Transformation, Allowing

This desert plant is an antimicrobial that fights viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and deflects negative ions. Creosote enhances the feeling of being free, as it aids in healing a void in life. Creosote supports us in releasing unexpressed or suppressed emotions to provide us a sense of letting and allow God in.  It is also a remedy for laziness and lack of motivation.

Texas Sage 

New Birth, Transformation, Motivation

Texas Sage is notorious for blooming after it rains, which is a sign of rebirth. 

Sea Weed

Abundance, Human Harmony

Sea Grass

Expansion, Growth

Starting Over