Did you know that smudging your home or place of work will.....

  • Reduce airborne bacteria by 94 percent.

  • Repel insects.

  • Improves intuition.

  • Purifies specific objects.

  • Improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety.


Smudge Bundles

All of our Smudge Bundles are hand made in Scottsdale, Arizona. All plants are locally naturally harvested to ensure they are free of pesticides or chemicals.  Each bundle is energetically blessed and infused with Orgone energy.

 When using your smudge bundle make sure to keep the crystal that was wrapped into it. The crystal will release positive energy vibrations.

These bundles can be burned or used in Reiki, Chakra healing, meditation areas, blessing ceremonies, 

or simply in any room of your house to create a beautiful and positive atmosphere.