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Egg-cellent Cleanse

This basic egg cleansing helps with removing absorbed negativity and impurities from ones life.
Eggs have been used for cleansing in many parts of the world for decades.
Eggs that come from black chickens are used when witchcraft is involved.
Eggs from white chickens are used for general cleansing, and brown eggs are all-purpose.

Surrounded by Eggs


1. Fill a clean, clear glass with regular tap water. Or for a little more power, use blessed water.

2. Add two drops of protection oil.
3. Lay black Tourmaline on white candle. (for protection)

4. Light the white candle.
5. Collect cold white egg.
6. Place the egg on top of your head and recite opening prayer.
7. Roll the egg down the back of your head, back of your neck, center the back, and around to the chest.

*Downward in motion, never up!

8. Break the egg into the glass of water, checking for abnormalities such as color, blood, shape and texture. 

*see pictures*

9. Mix in herbs, and stir contents in glass

while reciting closing prayer.

10. Close eyes, and calmly burn out candle.

                            Repeat this 3 times

        How to read the eggs
*If the water smells bad with blood present,
this is a sign of evil work being done.

*If there are blood spots in the water,
this is a sign of bad luck and hard being caused by strong speak work-- especially if the water is murky.

*If the water turns murky with no smell or blood, this is a sign of susto (soul loss) as long as there is no blood present.

*If the yolk of the egg has the shape of a face, this is a sign of an enemy. 

*If the yolk is in the shape of an eye,
this is a sign of the evil eye.

*If thee are small bubbles in the water,
this is a sign that the negative energy was absorbed by guardian spirits.

*If the water is clear, with no abnormal shapes, smells, or blood, this is a sign that nothing unnatural is happening.

   Opening Prayer              and

  Closing Prayer

Archangel Michael and my spirit community, please lend me your strength and protection in this healing and cleaning, Thank you for this love and acceptance of this new profound white light.

egg 1_edited.jpg
egg 2


*Black Tourmaline

*Protection Oil

*White candle

*Black cohosh root

*Cayenne pepper

*Black Salt

*Lemon peel

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